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Case Studies

Off-grid Community Project in Knoydart

StorTera installed their first flow battery in the office of Knoydart Renewables in Inverie in April 2017. The demonstrator system is 8kW/30kWh, enough to provide Knoydart Renewables with sufficient power to continue to run their office and maintain communications during the frequent black-outs experienced in the area.

The StorTera Emergency Energy Supply Unit

Funded by Innovate UK, StorTera has developed an easily deployable 5kW/5kWh battery backpack that can be carried to remote locations to support people affected by natural disasters. The EESU can supply power to refrigerators, fans, lights, water heaters and can be used to charge mobile phones and radios that are critical to maintain communications during disasters. The EESU can be charged by solar panels, grid or by using a generator. The system was designed in response to a long term need identified by aid organisations working in disaster relief.