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EESU Emergency Energy Supply Unit

Portable emergency energy for disaster relief

StorTera has developed an Emergency Energy Supply Unit (EESU), a portable battery backpack, to support disaster relief efforts around the world and to bring power to remote or difficult to access locations. The EESU can provide instant power anywhere, anytime of the day.

Taking power to those that need it

In 2016, hazard-related disasters affected more than 445 million people globally and preliminary data indicates that another 80 million were affected by 149 disasters in 73 countries in the first quarter of 2017 (EM-DAT 2017). Power is critical in helping people recover from disasters; communications, refrigeration of medical supplies, and lighting can help prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering. Often in these situations, the infrastructure is not available to get power to where it is needed in time. StorTera’s EESU allows aid organisations to get power to where it is needed fast, bringing essential resources to victims of disasters and saving lives. 

Technical characteristics

The EESU is comprised of two 20 litre backpacks weighing approximately 25kg each. With a total power capacity of 5kW/2.5kWh each, the system can provide enough power for a normal household for 3 days. Packs can be connected in parallel for more energy or to power a disaster relief camp or a telecom site. The system can be recharged a number of ways including; solar panels, diesel generators or the grid. This system is safe, lightweight and highly energy dense. The system uses GaN power electronics which have a higher power density compared to Silicon IGBT based power electronics.